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My favorite tomato to grow and eat is called Better Boy. Why do I like this one? When I started growing tomatoes, the Ortho book "All About Vegetables" said: "Main crop, 12 to 16-ounce uniform fruit. Heavy cropper, Rugged." It sounded good to me at the time and Better Boy have performed very well for me ever since!

In a cherry tomato, I used to grow Super Sweet 100 but the plants would grow wild. Lots and lots of stems, and also lots of tomatoes! It's hard to keep it pruned to one main stem (or two) like you're supposed to do with tomato plants. The darn thing would just grow every which way! Now instead I grow Sweet Baby Girl for cherry tomatoes. They taste great, and the plant is more manageable.

I also grow Marglobe, a medium-size tomato with a sort of pinkish/purplish color like Brandywine but a little less fussy than Brandywine. Both of them are delicious, probably the best tasting tomatoes I've grown, but they are somewhat problematical to grow. Sometimes they get rot, sometimes the fruits are misshapen, sometimes they crack early. I put maybe 4 Marglobe plants out in the garden but I don't rely on good luck with them. I rely on the Better Boys and if the Marglobes do well then it's a bonus. Hybrid tomatoes like Better Boy are usually less finicky to grow than open-pollinated varieties.

My first tomato plant was a Pixie. If you'd like to read about my love for Pixie tomatoes you can do so here.
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Frankly, there are more varieties of tomato than anyone needs. Do you need more than 4,000 varieties? I didn't think so.

For a nice overview of differences between tomato varieties, visit this website: